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Expert programs and packages for lateral flow assay and biosensor manufacturing to support R&D and maximize production

ISO 9001 Certified

Equipment Installation, Qualification, Optimization, & Repair

Team Training, Strategy & Business Development & Sales

Highest international standards for the rapid diagnostic industry.

We serve the rapid diagnostic industry, specifically lateral flow and biosensor applications, both domestic and abroad.

Albert Avila and his team at ABS bring decades of experience to the table.  We consistently provide an unprecedented level of service, expertise and quality.

Experience the difference…


Our Services

Equipment Installation, Qualification, Optimization, & Repair

We offer service packages that are designed to meet your specific needs. We tailor your service package to meet your company’s unique requirements.

Installation can be performed virtually or at your location with a highly qualified engineer. Qualification options are available. 

We have preventative maintenance options and emergency service packages to support R&D and production manufacturing. 

Our support will optimize your R&D instrument usage and launch your manufacturing instruments toward maximum throughput, with limited material and downtime issues.

Team Training, Strategy & Business Development

We offer highly effective and well-received live or virtual training for your team. We can customize the training for a specific R&D team member or educate the production department team.

We can train on any/all of your equipment from the leading instrumentation companies.  

We offer expert consultation services if you’re ready to scale, and want to optimize your company’s results within the rapid diagnostic industry. 

We are motivated to help you create a robust business strategy to quicken your time to market  and help your business meet and exceed production targets!


We have developed R&D and production environments for entry level to industry leading companies. We have visited nearly every state in the USA and reached many corners of the global market. 

We’re the best in the industry at what we do. We are a group of senior scientists, engineers and strategists. We offer competitive rates, efficient service, fast response times and exceptional training.

You’re never left alone in your R&D and production efforts. We’ve got your back from start to finish, and we will be by your side when timelines shorten.

We’re confident we will add value to you and your biotechnology company. 


ABS Achieves ISO Certification


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